A Bit Of Our History

We get asked is E-Juice Bar a franchise? or a big corporate business?

The answer simply is no.

We came from nothing but a thought and an action.

E-Juice Bar is a family owned business that began with passion and a need to give up cigarettes.

Needing to find an alternative to their smoking habit Ben Kitson decided he would import himself and his now wife Erin vape devices. They used these simple little starter kits to help them curb their cravings for cigarettes and as friends and family saw it was working for them the pair got more and more enquiries on how others could get mods themselves.

After countless people wanting to jump on the stop smoking wagon more devices were bought in and then the juice mixing began. It was like a mad scientist's laboratory flavour after flavour rolled out and became almost a hobby.


With full time jobs already, the work ethics Ben and Erin have kicked into high gear and they began E-Juice Bar online. Juggling work and the  business growing it was a struggle at times but the passion for what they were doing quickly squashed that and E-Juice Bar grew and grew.


The 1st store was opened in Tauranga, it was nothing amazing just a humble little shoe box shop with a few devices and house juice that was ordered in store and made at home to pick up the next day! (yeah you have it easy now). When this store literally had a line out the door it was time for a bigger better store complete with its own mixing room and online orders area. 


Then came Rotorua and Mount Maunganui, now all our juice is made in a lab and is available in plenty of locations around New Zealand.


With staff that share the same love of vaping, passion for helping others and real quit smoking stories E-Juice Bar became what it is today.


I am proud to be a part of this family and I welcome all of those who want to make a change for the better to explore a new path through vaping.