So, You've Decided To Vape

Ok so if you are reading this you are more than likely looking to start vaping but want to know what you should start with.

Here is the run down.

Most people who are making the switch have looked at some things online already or have been into a store to see what they have.

You have 2 different styles of vaping you can choose from.

Mouth to lung or MTL, this takes on the same “technique” of smoking a cigarette. You pull the vapor first into your cheeks and then inhale down to your lungs. A style like this is very effective for those that are looking for the throat and lung hit they are currently experiencing from a cigarette. 

Then we have,

Direct to lung or DTL, this is different to your MTL style mainly because you draw the vapor directly into your lungs (as the name would suggest). A lot of people who want the feeling of filling their lungs with something choose this style. You still get the lung feeling but the throat hit however is less concentrated and to some is harsher on the throat.

Basically, think of it like this. 

If your Nana smokes ‘roll your own’ tobacco and has the lung capacity of an ant or you want something discreet that won't cloud out the smoko spot at work MTL is for you.

If you are in search of something that you know you are inhaling, that feeling of something in your lungs. If you want to blow “fat clouds” then DTL is probably more for you.

There is a huge range of devices on the market at the moment that cover both styles of vaping.

Pod systems are the newest style of mod.

A pod system is usually a small, rechargeable device with a pod instead of a tank on top.

You can purchase pre filled or refillable pods depending on what device you have.

Personally I prefer a refillable pod for several reasons.

-Your flavour choice is far more vast.

-You do not have to throw out the pod just because it is empty, I mean I would rather throw out a burnt out fully DEAD coil than one just because it is empty

-Depending on the device you have different OHM pods to choose from.

-The environmental impact of disposing pods, at times every few days with refillables is lessened 

Pods like the Geek Vape Wenax and Vaporesso PM30 OR Vaporesso PM40 are simple to use. The Wenax is draw activated so you suck and it goes. You recharge them via USB which in most cases takes an hour at most so faster than your cell phone. Pop your filled pod in (that you have let sit for 10 minutes if it is new) and you are good to go.

MOST of the time these are designed to take salt nicotine e-juice (check out the next blog for the difference between salt and free based nicotine).

Starter kits are also available, there are a wide range of different starter devices. 

The Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus stick or Geek Vape Aegis Mini are great little starter kits and are both quite different.

The Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus is a large stick like device, a bit like the old 18 colour writing pens we used to all love. It is definitely a DTL device and gives off a very decent amount of vapor. It is rechargeable and boasts a pretty decent battery at 3000mAh. An average user will get a good day out of a charge. The tank comes with a “bubble” or “bulb” glass giving it a MASSIVE 8ml juice capacity!

So in short if you work in a job that means you are out and about BUT you do not want to have to carry juice all the time this is the kit for you.

Then there is the Geek Vape Aegis Mini kit. This is what we call a variable wattage device… no no don't freak out it's not scary I promise. What variable wattage is, is simply the ability to change the power you get out of your device. So if you are a bit unsure of what you want out of a device you can start on 20 watts which is pretty low and then you can push it up all the way to 80 watts and get a really decent cloud out of it. Aegis Mini is also rechargeable and has a 2200 mAh battery which is very good battery life. It comes with the Aegis Cerberus tank which for those who travel takes at least 3 different brands of coil so you are bound to be able to find a new coil almost anywhere you are.

There are so many different starter kits and pods available sometimes the choice can be a bit overwhelming. 

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Otherwise of course you can drop into one of our stores in Rotorua, Tauranga and Mount Maunganui.

We are always more than happy to help with anything you may need. Hopefully you have enough information here to help with your decision.

Happy vaping.