Who or what is an E-Juice Bar

Who or what is an E-Juice Bar?

Are you thinking... your local smoothie shop? 

Perhaps a Tank like establishment specializing in all those healthy liquids to conquer the Sunday morning hangover?

Well, you my friend would be slightly correct, we are a specialist company and we do have juice however we are far from a smoothie shop.

Here at E-Juice Bar we specialize in e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

We pride ourselves in helping current smokers toss away their death stick habit in place of a healthier alternative. 

Why would I want to vape?

That is actually a pretty simple question for most of us to answer.

It is healthier, you no longer smell of smoke all the time and you don't get the stained teeth and yellow fingers that you may have from smoking.

Most of us have smoked at some point and the majority of us gave up thanks to vaping.

We all have a different story about how we did it and how we feel now that we have given up.

For me it was the habitual side of smoking that I found was the big one I needed to kick.

I needed a smoke when I was driving, when I got home from work, after dinner etc.

I was given my first device and gave it the real fair dinkum shot BUT I wasn't using it as a stop smoking aid instead I was using it as an inbetween durries thing, I say thing because I have not got the slightest clue as to why I was doing that. 

ANYWAY I stopped vaping for about 3 months and then finally after a good nudge I put smoking behind me and I have been vaping ever since which is about 3 years now.

I think the best thing to come from vaping was when my son told me he liked that I didn't huff and puff like I used to and that I don't smell like smoke all the time. Also no longer having that weird almost shameful feeling you get having a durrie, spraying half a can of Impulse all over you, downing 3 Mentos and then pretending that you didn't smoke… FYI it doesn't work LOL.

Where can I find an E-Juice Bar?

Well you can find us online at www.ejuicebar.co.nz

Or in one of our “brick and mortar” stores

Tauranga, 967 Cameron Road, Gate Pa

Mount Maunganui, 7c Owens Place

Rotorua, 1150-1152 Eruera Street 

What should I expect when I get there?

You will be greeted by one or sometimes all of our friendly staff in store.

From there they will ask you a few questions about what you are looking for, how much you are smoking and what style of smoker you may be (rollies or tailor mades).

Then the fun part, you will be shown a few different devices that the staff feel might suit you. At this point there are some more questions and then when you have chosen what you like there is usually a colour choice too.

Next it's time to choose a flavour and boy are there a few to choose from. You can go with house juices of which the famous Smurf’s Blood is one of our most popular. You might like to pick something different though like tobacco, custard or even cheesecake flavour. Like I said there are a few.

Once you have the juice and the device you will be shown through how to set up whichever “mod” and “tank” you have chosen.

You will be shown how to and where to charge the “mod”,

How to change a coil, this is the element wrapped in cotton that connects to your battery and vaporizes the juice you have in the “tank”

Where to fill the “tank”

And most importantly how to use the device.

Then you will be ready and set to go.

What happens once I have been vaping for a while?

First off you may need more e-liquid now so pop right back into your E-Juice Bar and see the team who will help you either find a different flavour OR grab you the juice that you are on now for you.

If you are having ANY issues or you have ANY questions now is a great time to ask what you wish. 

Perhaps your tank is leaking and your juice tastes “funny”. These are prime examples that it may be time to change your coil.

I suggest to a lot of new vapers that they bring in a coil and we can change it for them.

This helps to refresh your memory on how to change a coil but it also gives you the opportunity to learn how to clean the tank out and get the most out of your new coil.

There are so many questions that you may have and whenever you are in store is the best time to ask them.

So, now we have had this wee chat I hope you are ready to pop in and see us.

We are always keen to meet new faces and help people on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

I wish you all the best in your vaping journey.