Preventing Underage Purchases

Currently, in New Zealand, there are no laws preventing businesses from selling nicotine-containing e-liquid to minors. The majority of vape stores have, however, taken it upon themselves to implement ID-checks in their stores and online.

Vaping is arguably one of the best smoking-cessation tools around, and it's important that vaping remains available and accessible to adults who want to quit smoking and start their journey towards a healthier life. Without vaping, many thousands of Kiwis would be chugging through millions of cigarettes each year. This is damaging to the health of our friends, family, and colleagues, and also has an impact on the environment.

How can we ensure that vaping remains available?

As a consumer, you can speak out to your local representative, your friends, and encourage smokers to take a look at vaping as a cessation tool. This is a discussion for another time though!

As a business, our responsibility is to ensure that we're meeting our social responsibilities.

As a business, what are your social responsibilities?

There is a lot of talk in the media, both in New Zealand and abroad, about the "youth vaping epidemic". Unfortunately, these publications often exaggerate the facts (though this is, again, a discussion for another time!).

As a responsible vendor, we do our part by ensuring that only those who are over 18 years old are purchasing vape products.

To enforce this policy, we do the following:

  • For in-store purchases; We require identification. This could be a drivers license, passport, 18+ card or Kiwi Access Card, etc.
  • For online purchases; We ship all products with an R18 ticket. The courier driver will check your identification when the package is dropped off.
If you aren't home when the courier shows up, the package will be kept safe at the local depot until you can pick the package up, or organise a re-delivery.

What if my child is smoking, and wants to try to quit with a vape?

With that in mind, there are also situations when underage people may be smoking, and vaping could still be a valuable tool to help them quit. If you catch it early enough, you could prevent a life-long struggle with cigarette addiction.

We're happy to provide advice, support, and products to parents or guardians who would like to give vaping a shot for their child. Please note that we will not, under any circumstances, sell products to people under 18 years of age.

That's about it for this info article! If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Thank you!