Shipping Info


Back in 2015, E-Juice Bar was an online-only business, so website customers are very important to us! Take a look below for a quick run-down on our courier setup.

Courier Schedule

Orders are packed Monday to Friday. We print a batch of orders at 9:00am, then another around 12:00pm. This allows us to get next-day delivery on many orders, even if they're placed mid-day!

Tracking Numbers

Tracking numbers are generally emailed to you once the courier driver has scanned the package. Pickup times to vary, but are generally at around 3:00pm NZDT.

Haven't received your tracking number? Don't worry, jump over to the Contact Us page, and we'll get it sorted.

Dangerous Goods (Batteries)

In 2018, there was a fairly serious accident involving some 18650 batteries in a courier van.

Since then, most NZ courier providers have cracked down on businesses sending lithium-ion batteries domestically, and special packaging requirements/restrictions were introduced.

We've worked with NZ Couriers to ensure that all of our packages containing batteries are adhering to these requirements

We have explicit approval to send lithium-ion batteries, so there's no risk of your package being delayed or confiscated!

Please note that we cannot ship lithium-ion batteries to Australia

R18 Packages 

Due to Government regulations, all packages shipped out will have a R18 Age Verification sticker on them for our couriers, this means a courier cannot hand over the package or drop it off until they have sighted a Legal form of photo I.D. eg. NZ Drivers License, NZ or International current Passport.

We apologize for the inconvenience of this but it makes sure our products don't end up in the hands of minors.

Lost or Damaged Packages

Who loves receiving a broken or damaged package? Absolutely none!

We take this kind of thing very seriously - if you receive a package that's damaged, we'll re-ship your order!

Received a broken package? Jump over to the Contact Us page, and we'll get it sorted.

New Zealand

Domestic packages are handled by CourierPost, and NZ Couriers (for Dangerous Goods packages).

Packages are sent from our warehouse in Mount Maunganui, so any packages destined for the BOP/WKO/AKL/HB regions will typically arrive very fast (like, overnight fast).

North Island

Packages bound for North Island addresses generally arrive 1-3 working days after the order is placed.

South Island

Packages bound for South Island addresses do take a bit longer, but typically no more than 2-4 working days (sometimes faster, depending on how busy the roads are!).

Please note that any Dangerous Goods (li-ion battery) orders will be shipped by road only. This does introduce an extra ~1 day wait


You will be required to email your prescription notice to us as of the 1st of October 2021. This is mandatory under the new laws and legislations passed under Australian law

We offer 2 options for Australian orders - AusPost and DHL.


AusPost is the standard shipping option for Australian addresses. Packages typically arrive 4-6 days after the order is placed (depending on your location - western Australia may see an extra 1-2 day wait).

We offer this at a fixed-price of $15.


DHL is the preferred shipping method for Australian addresses - it's faster, more reliable, and you get detailed tracking updates by default!

This option does cost more, but we've subsidized the cost down to $18

South Australia

Due to state legislation changes, we are unable to send packages to South Australia addresses.

We're very sorry about this, and hopefully lawmakers in SA will revisit these laws soon!


Unfortunately we don't offer international shipping right now, but we are able to process international orders on a case-by-case basis.

Visit the Contact Us page and we'll see what we can do!