Beard Honey

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Mad Arab Beard Honey is a specialty balm of ours. It smells faintly of vanilla and honey with a light woody undertone.

It’s not as overpowering or musky as other Mad Arab products. It contains beeswax, argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and a special blend of fragrances. Mad Arab Beard honey is a light and delicious balm formulated to keep your beard lush, healthy and moisturized.

To use

Simply apply a small dab to your beard and work through. Perhaps give your beard a comb or brushing once you’ve applied the beard honey - it’s up to you, you’re a grown ass man.


Name:Beard Honey
Container:Makeup Container
Flavors:Vanilla Honey with Woody Undertones

Note: May contain traces of nuts and other allergenic substances. Please see here for more information on ingredients and allergies.