Cinnamon Marshmallow Pudding

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Vapor Maid - Pudding

Marshmallow? Been done. Cinnamon? Psh, played out. Pudding? Yawn… But a cinnamon marshmallow pudding??? Well, fam, that has never been done. Until now. Vapor Maid, one of the hottest new E-liquids on the market is quickly taking the vape world by storm.

Brought to you by the Beard Vape Co. family, Vapor Maid is making quick work of the competition, flying off the shelves and becoming a best seller almost instantaneously. One taste and you’ll understand why, as Vapor Maid’s attention to detail is nothing short of extraordinary. With a sweet, fluffy marshmallow taste, combined with the spicy tang of cinnamon, and the smooth creaminess of vanilla pudding, Vapor Maid has started a trend already being mimicked (unsuccessfully) by other companies. Try Vapor Maid once and we guarantee you’ll come back for more.


  • Bottle Type: Glass Dripper
  • VG/PG Ratio: 70/30
  • Collection: Vapor Maid

All Vapor Maid E-liquids are made with the utmost care and attention to detail.