Original Shiekh

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Mad Arab Original Sheikh has a spicy scent - like that of cloves and cinnamon. The fragrance contains a natural fixative that makes it long lasting and doesn’t leave your beard greasy.

To use

Simply invert the bottle and put a few drops into your hand and rub it into your beard. I personally like to use a comb afterwards but the idea is to work it evenly through your beard.

Just remember: stroking it more than three times is playing with it – so why not make sure it’s adequately lubricated

To open a bottle of Mad Arab Beard Oil simply score a line along the wax or twist the wax seal until it comes off.


Name:Original Shiekh
Bottle Type:Glass Blotter
Flavors:Spicy - Cloves and Cinnamon

Note: May contain traces of nuts and other allergenic substances. Please see here for more information on ingredients and allergies.