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Vapers Choice Cotton


100% Supima Cotton

the World Finest Cotton Wick
Vapers Choice Cotton is processed specifically for Vaping, by Vapers. We spent over a year developing our petend pending "Purification Process". Unlike other popular cottons used for vaping, VCC's Purification Process DOES NOT contain any BLEACH or HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. We only use food grade products in our Purification Process, the same substances used in the production of food many of us eat on a regular basis.
We use Suprima Cotton, which stands for "Superior Pima". Supima is 100% American grown Pima Cotton. Not to be mistaken for "Pima", which is a generic term for extra-long staples (ELS) cotton that couls come from a variety of different countries around the world. The United States is known for having the most stringent regulations for agricultural products. This is why we use Supima cotton. it guarantees us the highest quality cotton for all your vaping needs.
Considered "The Worlds Finest Cotton", Supima is usually only used by high end fashion designers from Europe and japan. The finest fibers along with VCC's "Purification Process" is why Vapers Choice Cotton id 10x's more absorbent then regular cotton. Its extra long fibers are 9x's longer than regular cotton allowing e-liquid to travel farther and faster for superior wicking ability. The attributes are the reason why Vapers Choice Cotton is setting the standard for cotton specifically designed for Vaping. We guarantee that no other cotton can compete with Vapers Choice Cotton in absorbency, heat resistance, and most of all Flavor.
So make your choice Vapers Choice Cotton for "A Difference you Can Taste"